Exclusive Interview with Acclaimed Brazilian Chef Marcos Antonio Gouvêa
Photographs © 2012, Joyce Hata


Services Provided

Marcos Antonio Gouvêa: Our personal chef, can cook meals for individuals, couples, families, or small groups on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. He and his staff are also available for special occasions; and to prepare and deliver specialty items in bulk. Our chef specializes in Brazilian cuisine but can cook a wide array of other cuisines as well.

Regular service: Our personal chef works with the client to choose menus he or she will enjoy, and offers a wide variety of delightful entrees and side-dishes, all them prepared right in the client's kitchen. Service consists of one or more meals per day, per week, or per month, depending upon the client's needs. The client does the shopping, and the chef does the cooking and storing, using the client's cookware, utensils, and storage containers. Clean-up is included.

Brunches, dinners, parties: Our personal chef will work with the client to plan a menu tailored to his/her needs and tastes and appropriate for the occasion; the client does the shopping and the chef and his staff do the cooking and buffet presentation, using the client's cookware, utensils, and serving dishes. Clean-up is included. Please note: we do not serve beverages. We will be happy to recommend an outside bartender upon request.

For our clients' shopping convenience, we recommend Fresh Direct online grocery (we can provide details to help clients get this set up). All entrees are served with two appropriate side-dishes. Appetizers, additional side-dishes, and desserts may also be ordered for an extra per-item charge.

Specialty items: Appetizers are available in bulk and, upon request, will be delivered to the customer's door anywhere throughout New York City's five boroughs. Click here

Pricing Logistics

Our basic rate for daily, weekly, or monthly service includes menu-planning, meal preparation, packing, and storage. Our basic rate for brunches, dinners, or parties includes menu-planning, cooking, serving buffet- or family-style, and clean-up. Specialty items are available on a per-piece cost plus a modest delivery charge.

Regular service: $30 per person per meal (a meal consists of one main course and two side-dishes).

Dinners: $30 per person. 10 people maximum.

Brunches/Parties: Pricing based on number of guests and menu selected.
Contact us for further information.

Specialty items: $1.00 per piece plus delivery (charge will vary depending upon size of order and delivery location). See "Special Orders"